Monopod Singapore’s Loyalty Rewards Programme is one way in which we endeavor to reward and thank loyal customers for patronizing and trusting Monopod Singapore.

But the money does not come from nowhere – find out why it is the logical thing to do:

Why We Give You Your Money Back

You may not realize it, but helping you find us takes a chunk of resources out of our pocket – money, time, energy etc. This is why we really treasure and appreciate every customer that buys into our business!

As a repeat customer, you save us that share of resource we would have to otherwise expended to get a new customer. That is why we have decided to pass these savings back to you! Monopod Singapore only takes what we need to keep the business going and maximizing the value for our customers.


Earning Points

For detailed steps on how to earn points, please refer to our How-To-Order Guide – yes, it is that simple! Simply place an order and points will be automatically credited to your account.

You’ll be prompted to create an account as part of the checkout process. Do create one so that the points can be credited to you.

Create An Account at checkout
Earn Loyalty Rewards Points

Earning Conversion Rate

The conversion rates for earning points are

$1 Spent = 1 Rewards Point

Note: Amounts less than a full dollar will be rounded down e.g $4.90 = 4 Points.

This conversion rate applies to the final amount paid for the product by the customer after discount, and excludes shipping fees and usage of points earned prior to the purchase.


All points earned expire 6 months from their date of award. You may see the relevant dates under My Account.

Spending Points

For detailed steps on how to spend your points to offset the price, we’ll have to refer you to our How-To-Order Guide again, because it really is that simple!

At Checkout, you’ll be prompted to use your points to offset the price of your purchase. You have to be logged in for this.

  1. Click on the “Use Loyalty Points” button at Checkout
    Use Loyalty Points Selfie Stick Singapore
  2. Enter the number of points you wish to use. You may enter any amount
    Choose Loyalty Points Selfie Stick Singapore
  3. Your cart will be automatically updated to reflect the discounted price
    Discount Selfie Stick Singapore

Spending Conversion Rate

The conversion rates for earning points are

10 Rewards Points = $1

Where Do I See My Loyalty Rewards Points?

All details of your points can be found at your account page. You’ll see all relevant details such as:

  • Remaining balance
  • Date and number of points awarded for every event
  • Your order history

My Account

Remember that your points expire after 6 months from their date of award!

Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions for our Loyalty Rewards Programme can be found under the Loyalty Rewards section of our Terms and Conditions.